I just signed and hope you will too.  This petition has been around for almost two years, but it’s talked about and even I finally found it, on Drudge I think.


I likely would not be alive today if I hadn’t received an inheritance a year ago.  And my money is going fast, especially since my unemployment claim ended last July when the sucky DES website failed, DES support failed, and the DES adjudicator never contacted me.

Petition for $2,000 monthly stimulus checks has 3 million signatures. ‘Americans need some certainty,’ says restaurateur who started it


… Bonin and Arnold recently shut down the Duo Restaurant for a week around Christmas after half of their kitchen staff contracted Covid-19.

While they lost about $30,000 in income for the week, they still paid about $9,000 toward their payroll due to paid leave mandates. …

I hope eventually we’ll see Basic Income for everytone.