Yesterday I had a great Zoom meeting with Tucson consumer attorney Christine Ferraris. 

We have two issues:

1) To sue the DES / State for the countless problems, lies, dysfunctional website and resulting denial of unemployment benefits I need to submit a CLAIM first.   

I did not know that you have to submit a claim to give them a chance to make things right prior to filing a lawsuit against government agencies.

And, I will of course do this ASAP.   The response will likely be an adjudicator FINALLY contacting me.

2) The class action for the federal unemployment benefits.

Attorney Ferraris is considering filing the class action for the $300/week federal benefits with the support of the National Consumer Law Center. 

I have used the NCLC fantastic credit reporting and debt collection publications for many years!

in 2018 the 9th circuit court of appeals reversed the dismissals of my FDCPA and FCRA claims by Arizona federal judges Campbell and Logan (Obama appointee) in my case against debt buyer Midland Funding and their vile attorneys Bursey & Associates.   There is no way that I could have prevailed without the NCLC resources.

I’m trying to get the email to NCLC out tonight.

I am NOT unemployed, but manage a vacation rental and I just had another crisis with the Airbnb website and their horrible support.   I work and work and work and work … just don’t have any income.   Guests book, guests cancel, constant repairs and maintenance costs.  And now I don’t even get the lousy $117/week unemployment anymore!

I might not be alive today if I hadn’t received an inheritance last winter.

Attorneys need to see the filings from the OTHER states that sued for the federal benefits.

I posted the Ohio plaintiffs’ filings made public by DannLaw at

Sadly, nobody has volunteered to search the web / courts for the filings in the other states’ suits.

My internet is so slow, pages often don’t load. I pay $119/month!  They call it “Covid congestion” and tell me to do my work after my neighbors go to bed.

Seems like most of the Arizona unemployed don’t know how to use a computer.  And I’m so struggling just getting this website set up, new software, new web host …  I’ll do what I can.

I believe that ARIZONA LAW requires the state to give us the federal benefits: