An Oklahoma County District Court judge will order the state government to restart federal pandemic unemployment benefits on Monday after a group of Oklahomans challenged Gov. Kevin Stitt’s early departure from the programs.

Judge Anthony Bonner said in an email to attorneys Friday evening that he will rule in favor of the group, which challenged Stitt’s authority to opt-out of the federal programs in June.

The group filed the lawsuit in Tulsa County before it was transferred to Oklahoma County. Their attorneys, Chadwick Smith and Brenden McHugh celebrated the decision.

“We are thankful for the careful consideration by the court today and are pleased by the order for the OESC to resume federal unemployment benefits to the petitioners and all other hardworking Oklahomans required to be on unemployment,” McHugh said.

Way to go!

Thank you for posting this article, Adam Bennett!

Now we need the actual filings from these states, they are probably “somewhere” online.