Repost from Facebook:
Posted at the Arizona State Bar FB page:
1) Is any firm working on suing the state (Ducey and DES) for terminating the $300/week in federal unemployment benefits as in other states to get an injunction?

2) Are there any attorneys suing the state for the extraordinary incompetence and the CONTINUED abuse of claimants, the dysfunctional DES website, horrific telephone support, etc. ?

Thank you for any info!
I started a FB group yesterday for unemployment-related litigation.
Request for info at State Bar site

Request for info at AZ State Bar site


When my  post was removed, I inquired through FB messenger and promptly got this reply:
Hi Christine, comments posted on our social media pages are automatically hidden for a variety of reasons that I’m sure you can imagine. In regards to your question, I am not aware of any such lawsuit. I believe if one was being pursued it would have made the news. The State Bar would learn about it just like you – from the media.

My reply:
So are you telling me that we’re supposed to file our own lawsuit?
That we are supposed to wait while STARVING and going BANKRUPT for a lawsuit that may never happen?
Are there NO communications between firms that might consider filing?
Maybe we’ll have 25 suits filed all at once?

I suppose the State Bar thinks those are rhetorical questions.